Modern Change Management

We’ve run over 450 workshops in 30 countries for over 5000 people and visited countless organizations of all sizes. We’ve discovered 5 Universals for Change that help you apply the right approach for change, at the right time.

5 Universals of Change

We live in a colourful world, not a black and white one. The best change agents know how to balance the art and science of change so they can intervene in the organiational system in the right way, at the right time.

Cause & Purpose

We believe aligning people towards a cause & purpose is more effecting than instilling urgency in people

Meaningful Dialogue

We believe meaningful dialogue is more effective than broadcasting information at people


We believe well-timed experiments are more effective than executing change tasks


We believe co-creating change is more effective than selling change to get buy-in

Response to Change

We believe the response to change is valuable information, not resistance

The Change Wayfinder

We know change is contextual. The Change Wayfinder is a plaform designed to give you on-demand support for big ideas, inspirational stories, and modern practices to help you find the right approach to take at the right time in order to move change foward. We are in a limited beta at the moment, so signup below and we’ll let you know when you can have a crack at it!