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5 Universals of Change

5 Universals and 52 philosophies designed to help you look at change differently.

5 Universals of Change

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After traveling the world since 2014, visiting hundreds of organizations and training thousands of change agents, we discovered 5 Universals of Change designed to help you un-stick your changes. Organizations that were nudging change forward were having success not because of the method or framework they were using, but because they fundamentally started looking at change differently.

Cause & Purpose
What would happen if we focused on purpose over inducing fear with false urgency?
Meaningful Dialogue
What would happen if we provoked meaningful dialogue over broadcasting information at people?
What would happen if we relied on experimentation over executing tasks?
Response to Change
What would happen if we moved away from blaming people for 'resisting' change?
What would happen if we created the change with the people affected by the change?

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